Saturday, January 26, 2019

From The Mind Of...

What to do. What to do.
There are so many problems and so many possible solutions. Finding the correct turn on this particular version of your navigation app becomes more confusing by the minute. The "President" poses an interesting question: "Why is it that when I decide to bring our troops back from overseas it's a bad idea?" Furthermore, "Why is it when I say build a wall on the southern border, it's a bad idea?"
Perhaps this is because this is the brain-trust that brought us Space Force. It is the same mind from which the notion of serving up fast food to a group of highly conditioned athletes sprang. It is the same mouth from which dripped the assertion that there were "some very fine people on both sides" in Charlottesville when white nationalists marched, eventually resulting in the death of one of the counter-protesters.
I am pretty sure that if the "President" announced that he had discovered the cure for cancer, there are folks who would flock to McDonald's for whatever it was that he had to sell. And people like me would swear off Big Macs forever.
Back in the days before Christmas and the government shutdown, I had in my mind a Dickensian moment of clarity that would come to the White House some early morning. Clanking chains and moaning spirits. Maybe a trip to a graveyard. Maybe the "President" would wake up from that dream, or was it? and take to the airwaves announcing that his small heart had grown two sizes that day. Just enough to be normal.
That didn't happen. Instead, the second month of government workers going without pay has begun, and the wall continues to be the insistence in spite of a number of ongoing investigations that seem to be gathering momentum not just from their weight but by the bumbling efforts to make them go away.
How would we know a good idea if it actually swam to the surface of this toxic morass?

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