Friday, January 11, 2019

Crisis? What Crisis?

Describe for me, if you will, what constitutes a national emergency for the United States. If you have been reading this space for any period of time, you know that my own beliefs put it somewhere in the category of alien invasion. The outer-space, clawed, ray-gun toting, carnivorous and bad tempered aliens. Not the aliens from just down the coast below, like Nogales and San Diego and Rio Grande. And it occurs to me just now that if you didn't want Spanish-speaking folks from crossing over into our country, don't give your cities Spanish names.
While we're on the topic of common sense, let's try this on for size: Much of the furor being generated about our borders is the fear of terrorists finding their way onto our shores. So here's the deal: The number of terrorists apprehended at our southern border, the place we are suggesting that we spend five billion dollars to build a wall, is zero. Suspected terrorists have been caught coming into our country at airports. They are not scrambling over, tunneling under or sneaking around any fences, walls or dotted lines in the dirt. The job of apprehending these potential threats falls to the TSA, the Transportation Security Administration. These are some of the folks who are being impacted most directly by the government shutdown. Their union believes that hundreds of security screeners have quit or called in sick over the past two weeks as a result of not being paid. If the threat to our country is gong to assailed by terrorists, it would be good if we had the path through which they most regularly travel would be properly staffed.
So, not paying that first line of defense and keeping the rest of the government closed while we wait with baited breath for this insisted wall that could be concrete, could be steel but will definitely keep our country safe. From eight year old girls from Guatemala. From the scourge of drugs that plague our cities, not the opioids, that other scourge that is being hauled across the southern border inside the calf implants of vicious gang members who exist only to commit the vicious crimes for which most of the immigrants who are crossing the border are fleeing their own country and -
I'm sorry. But the logic here has broken down so significantly that I can no longer bear to discuss it. Meanwhile, Americans here legally suffer. Migrants attempting to make a new life for themselves in our land of plenty are cut off from what had been historically legal avenues to citizenship. There is a national emergency, but it is not at our southern border. It is the vacuum of leadership sitting in the White House bathroom, tweeting.

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