Friday, January 18, 2019

Burger King

If I walked into a room full of tables loaded down by a variety of fast food, I might believe that I had walked into a dream. At least that was the case once upon a time. When I was in college and lived on a diet of Hamburger Helper and whatever I picked up on my drive home, this would have been something akin to finding the Golden Ticket allowing me entrance to Mister Wonka's factory. This may have been the logic behind our "President's" choice to create this drive-thru nirvana at the White House when this year's college football champions showed up to be recognized by the guy who lives there.
It certainly generated a unique photo opportunity, where a variety of providers had piles of their "food" stacked in pyramids, awaiting all those hungry hungry football players. Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King, and pizza were on the menu, and few if any of the Clemson Tigers seemed disappointed by the spread. College kids. Free food. What's not to like?
How about this: The reason for the burgerpalooza was that White House chefs were not available to prepare the feast because of the government being shut down. The "President" bought all the grub himself, because he's that kind of guy. The kind of guy who would buy all the food to celebrate the National Champions of college football visiting his home. They guy who is a millionaire. The guy who shut down the government and could have postponed the celebration until he got chefs back to work. The guy who has had some difficulties getting championship teams to drop by the White House.
That guy.
The guy who has his own predilection toward buckets of chicken and Big Macs. The guy who eats pizza with a knife and fork. The guy who could have spent a few bucks more per person and brought in something nice, that would have been something other than empty calories for these student athletes.
That guy.
The guy who noticeably glossed over one fast food provider: Taco Bell.

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