Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Our "President" has given us just three weeks to pony up the money he needs to make a see-through wall on our southern border or else he's going to shut the government down. The last time he did this, he blamed Democrats and it cost the country approximately six billion dollars. Terrible irony since that is just a little more than the price tag he has put upon his StopsAll Wall. Meanwhile, government workers stood in line for food and picked up extra hours at other jobs that paid while they waited for the standoff that just happened to be about our border with Mexico.
Meanwhile, none of those other problems have gone away. While responsibility is tossed around like a hot potato, a great hue and cry has been raised about all the people dying here in America because of the evil that is crashing through the ersatz barrier currently separating us from that evil. All that heroin that comes, apparently strapped to the backs of gun-toting MS-13 gang members who are only here to rape and pillage, is killing hundreds of Americans every week. The overwhelming abundance of these drugs are being smuggled through legal ports of entry, not tossed over barbed wire fences. And what if some of that six billion dollars had been spent on the demand end: addicts themselves?
If you were hoping that the government shutdown might somehow stop the rest of the country from committing crimes because we were on a time-out, I am sorry to say this is not the case. A young man in Louisiana went on a shooting rampage that left his mother, father as well as his girlfriend and her brother and father dead. With a light shining brightly on the StopsAll Wall, this crime went on without a link to the Humanitarian Crisis on our southern border.
We know that the "President" watches a lot of TV. He may be under the impression that there is a version of Flex-Seal, about five billion dollars worth, that could keep all that concentrated evil out. Meanwhile, he seems to be oblivious to the evil bouncing around inside our own borders.
Well, we've got three weeks. Maybe we can convince him. Or stock up on Flex-Seal. 

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