Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bachelor Pad

I got home around five thirty this evening. Not too late for a Thursday, but tonight was different. Tonight I had the house to myself. I could go crazy. I could eat whatever and whenever I wanted. I could eat in the living room. I could eat in the bathroom if I got it into my head.
I could watch whatever I wanted on the television. I could pick any one of the hundreds of DVDs to look at, or just watch the extras off the ones that I never had the chance to wallow in before. Or maybe I could just pick a few CDs from my collection that don't get played much when mom and son are around. There's not much that offends my dog, so as long as I remember to feed her, I could probably even blast a little Rush through the subwoofer.
Instead I came inside and immediately set to work: Gathered the trash and recycling for the trip to the curb, started a load of laundry, went back upstairs and stripped the sheets off our bed to fill up the second load. Somewhere in there I managed to pack a lunch for tomorrow and get the rugs up off the floor to prepare for sweeping. After I vacuumed, I swept and mopped the floors, then set about replacing all the displaced furniture and dog toys. The microwave sounded and I wandered back to the living room and did in fact eat in front of the television as it played a Green Day DVD. Then it was time to bring up the laundry to be folded, and heck, why not give the dog a bath while I'm at it?
It's now almost eight o'clock. The second load of laundry is almost done. Now I'm too tired to do whatever I want.


Anonymous said...

You said load. Twice.


mrs. id said...

Let me say this for all the world to hear:

You are the best.

Thank you!