Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Ghost Of Video Stores Past

It was the night of Christmas, and all  through the house
discussions of movies began with my spouse
we went down her list and studied with care
in hopes we could find something to share
four of us sat in the kitchen fretting
about which title we soon would be getting
We offered suggestions and films by the score
but couldn't find one that didn't seem like a chore
No violence for grandma, no romance for me
no downers for mom not even for free
Now Netflix, or Hulu or Amazon Prime
all of these choices - please don't wast our time
Then a cry rose from the living room
that had been quiet as a tomb
"How about something from Disney?"
my son hollered with glee
"Maybe some Avengers or Star Wars perhaps
to awaken us all from our long winter naps"
We sat on the couch with minds still turning
possibilities of movies still endlessly churning
Classics and comedies, documentaries galore
with all these choices we still wanted more
Action, no rom-coms, how about drama
there must be something to show to your mama
We had some cookies and fudge to keep up our strength
continuing our search and discussing at length
Then the clock on the wall told us it was time to go
we hadn't even watched our favorite TV show
And when grandma had left, bags in her hand
we all went to bed much earlier than planned
We drifted off to dreamland our holiday marred
Next year we'll all agree to watch Die Hard

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