Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Funny Valentine

I've been trying for days to come up with a positive perspective to Valentine's Day. I still wince in anticipation of appearing wholly adequate in the romance department. After all, the song does say that "each day is Valentine's Day" - no pressure. I find myself trying to strike a balance between grand gesture and a modest level that I can maintain for the rest of the year.
Around here, we have a phrase for it: "Of course I love you - I married you, didn't I?" That seems to be our standard, if not overly cynical, response to dealing with the 24/7 reality of a relationship that is based on love and mutual respect. At times like these I find myself replaying the words of Shrevie (Daniel Stern) in "Diner": “Before you get married, all there is is talk about the wedding — the — plans, you know, and sex talk. You know, when can we DO it? Are your parents going to be out so we can DO it? Where can we DO it? Then, after you get married, she's there all the time; when you wake up in the morning, she's there. When you come home from work, she's there … There's no more sex talk. Nothing else to talk about … But it's really good, you know, it's ok, it's good.”
This makes me feel good because I don't seem nearly as cynical as this guy. We still put toothpaste on each other's toothbrushes. We still cry at the end of "Philadelphia Story." We agree that "Born To Run" is a great song, but we like "Thunder Road" just a little more because it's a love song. She's the one that I want to make laugh more than anyone else in the world.
Is your mouth - a little weak?
When you open it to speak, are you smart?
Don't change a hair for me;

Not if you care for me;
Stay, little valentine, stay!
Each day is valentine's day.

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mrs. id said...

Aww, thanks honey. So which response do you prefer after all these years?

"Back At'cha!"

(I'm trying to be creative, here...)