Saturday, March 04, 2023


 I received a notice from the service that brings this little slice of heaven to you each day. It was a notice that one of my posts was placed behind a warning "because it contains sensitive content as outlined in Blogger’s Community Guidelines." Curious, I chose to click on the link to find out what sort of salacious content I had inadvertently or perhaps maliciously perpetuated on my readers. 

I know. You can't believe that such a thing could happen. Yours truly had a hard time imagining what might have set off the censor sensors. There are probably a number of you who would like to rush ahead and find out exactly what kind of obnoxious invective I must have been flinging in order for the Google Gods to descend from their high places to check out little old me. 

But not just yet. Instead I would like to share with you, in confidence, that I had a number of ideas about how I might have angered someone somewhere to raise any sort of stink. I am proud to say that I have used a very strict audience in mind all these years: I will only publish content I would want my own mother to read. Keeping in mind that my mother was a very open-minded woman, and a big fan of mine, but she was not tolerant for me "working blue." So I have not.  This would seem to clear me in the category of Adult Content. 

As for Harassment, Bullying and Threats, I have definitely lurked on the edges of this one. Back in the day, for example, I referred to George W. Bush as "Pinhead." Not just in passing, but every time I mentioned him. Every time. So, points for consistency, but maybe not respect for the office. I continue to point out that the forty-fifth "president" of the United States was impeached twice and before that he was a game show host. Guilty of that too. But not enough to stop bringing it up. 

Hate Speech? I tend to agree with Denis Leary's line about things his son hates: Naps. End of list. While it is true that I hold many strong opinions, and share them liberally here, accent on the liberally, I don't imagine that readers would find my blog "hateful." I confess to being intolerant of the intolerant, and less than patient with the voices of those who would clamp down on dissent. 

Maybe now would be a good time to pull back the curtain to reveal the source of all this introspection. In March of 2018, I wrote about the various scandals of past Republican administrations, focusing first on the Nixon years. Then I shifted to the case of former Nashville mayor, Megan Barry, who was forced to resign her post after the revelation of an affair she had with her bodyguard. The account of this dalliance can be referenced on Wikipedia. My account of this news item included some of my traditional snark and a reference to Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Get it? Bodyguard? 

Oh, and on the way out, I tossed in a line about Stormy Daniels, in hopes of stirring the pot that continues to be the odd case of the former game show host not being held accountable for his actions. 

So, if any of this offended you, please let me know, and I'll stop writing about local Nashville politics and while I probably won't stop dredging up the ghosts of Watergate, I will try to find something nice to say about them. 

And now: The Link. Let me know if you figure it out.

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