Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Political Party

 The Conservative Political Action Coalition is took place in Washington DC last week, and there was a whole lot of fuss stirred about things political, conservatively speaking. Each year, like-minded individuals gather to complain about how much their cause still needs to be supported by those who aren't as like-minded as they are. 

When I say "like-minded," it's important to remember that what I really mean is "close-minded." Also, please understand that the term "conservative" lives in a special place right now, and one must fully commit to a very strict persona in order to hang with these folks. Mitt Romney, Republican Senator from Utah, for example is persona non grata in this particular circle even though he was his party's candidate for President just a few elections back. It could be that Mitt's exchange with rumored to be Congressman George Santos at this year's State of the Union may have knocked him off the guest list. Or maybe Senator Romney just isn't MAGA enough to share the stage with folks like Large Marge Greene or Tommy Tuberville, whose name I am not making up. 

The bar for this kind of frothing nonsense has been set pretty high by one of the "stars" from this past week's gala. Lauren Boebert, pronounced Boo-Bay, has been ratcheting up her own image lately by referring to herself as "ultra MAGA." If this doesn't  put you in mind of some second-tier foe of Godzilla, maybe you should spend a few more Sunday afternoons at home on the couch. Colorado's pistol-packin' mama showed up to her address/evening gown competition to announce her party's battle against evil in the form of "wokeness." She promised to root out all forms of this evil in every corner of the government wherever she finds it, even if she can't quite define what it actually is. 

None of that seems to matter for the folks in attendance. They stroll about the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in their red, white and blue finery hoping for a glimpse of one of the stars of their ever-narrowing cause. It starts to remind one more of a sad and demented version of Comic-Con, with the cosplay limited to a guy dressed like George Washington spouting platitudes like, “Ben Franklin gave us electricity, but not for the casting or counting of votes.”

For you history buffs out there, George Washington did not belong to a political party. He wore a wig and frilly shirts. This was back in the days when men and women were woke all the time because they had to be in order to build a country based on the mistakes made by a monarchy from which they fled. Some might go so far as to say that King George was just a little too conservative for those colonial upstarts. Still looking for video from that 1775 CPAC...

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Anonymous said...

Any founding father who agreed a Black man's vote was only worth 3/5 was not so woke...