Thursday, February 08, 2018

Are You Not Entertained?

My wife has been carrying on a social media discussion with a relative of hers who is committed to the idea that the Deep State controls most every facet of American Life. This conversation, over a few days, uncovered massive conspiracies that explain just how completely pervasive the control maintained by this tiny group of manipulators. The courts. The Congress. The media. They even control the National Football League.

The metal tab inserted into judges' spines to control their actions and verdicts is just the tip of the iceberg. Spectator sports are being managed by a cabal intent on destroying our American culture, and what could be more American than professional football? Pickup trucks, Pepsi and Coca Cola, Doritos, online credit score applications. They were all there for the viewing pleasure of millions of chilly citizens with nothing better to do than to stare at their big screen televisions for an entire afternoon. During Justin Timberlake's halftime show, operatives were busy pouring even more fluoride into the water supply.

Of course, if there wasn't any interest in the game, and if it were not competitive, those agents might be caught near the treatment plants with their big bags of fluoride open around their feet. That would be embarrassing. so it's up to the coaches and players to put on a good show. A game decided before halftime would not give those spinal implants long enough to download the latest operating system, let alone the Candy Crush update. That is why the Super Bowl really seemed Super for a change. There was a great story line, with an underdog scrapping and clawing against a champion in red, white and blue. Do I need to remind everyone that Rocky came from Philadelphia? And if you rearrange the letters of Apollo Creed, you get Tom Brady? Coincidence? I think not.

In the end, the Patriots lost, which you can take as a sign that freedom is on the way out, and we will now continue our lemming-like march toward the abyss.


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