Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Art Of The Deal

The Trump Empire has been in business since 1923, when grandma and grandpa opened up shop. Little Donny took over in 1971 and proceeded to run it into bankruptcy four times. This, according to Little Donny, is "a common business practice." Now, at the age when a lot of people might consider retirement, Little Donny has decided to move on up to the East Side, to a deluxe apartment on Pennsylvania Avenue. This is where his new career as a world leader is just beginning. He suggests, or at least his hats do, that he can make America great again. Hats made in China.
It's hard to be consistent when the whole world is watching, but that's part of the game when you decide that you want to lead it. As it turns out, the United States is a far more diversified organization than the Trump Empire. That deceptively simple-looking diagram of the three branches of government don't really give one the full justice and majesty of the democratic principle. Winning an election is not the means to an end. For most of his life, Little Donny has not had to worry much about his approval ratings, since mummy and daddy gave him a business to run into a wall. If you didn't like the way things were going, fire someone. This was an amusing enough notion that a whole network TV show was created around it. "You're fired" was a catchphrase at a time when our country struggled to get itself back on its feet economically.
Why not just turn the country over to this guy? He's not a politician. He can straighten things out in days. He'll drain the swamp. He'll Make America Great Again. Unless there are those who can't simply be forced out of the way. He sent all those US Attorneys packing. Or the way he shipped those so-called "dreamers" back across the border. He sent cruise missiles to Syria, and a great big bomb to Afghanistan, and still got in a round or two of golf. Whatta guy.
While he's been looking for the drain to this particular swamp, the country waits for the "really fantastic" solution to health care and all those amazing changes on their taxes. And since the wall he wants built down south doesn't seem to be getting much traction in Mexico, he's decided to go ahead and figure out how to get American taxpayers to foot that bill. That "big, beautiful wall" seems to be hanging in the in the midst of a potentially bigger money issue, like the government may not have enough money to keep running unless everyone agrees on what to spend. Not working together could result in the lights going out on all those big plans.
Working and playing well together is not high on the list of Little Donald's accomplishments. If we were going to have a game show host for a president, why couldn't we have picked Monty Hall?

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