Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Step Away From The Keyboard

There is such a torrent of words and ideas spewing forth from our presumptive president's Twitter feed that it becomes difficult to keep track of just how confounding things are becoming. Our Twit in Chief made this series of tweets last week: "Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only 'stupid' people, or fools, would think that it is bad! We.....have enough problems around the world without yet another one. When I am President, Russia will respect us far more than they do now and....both countries will, perhaps, work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the WORLD!" The emphases and quotation marks are all his, and while it seems to run contrary to the assertion that he was making a couple of weeks ago about re-starting the nuclear arms race, the only thing he wants us to fear is him. Please feel free at this point to try and unravel that whole "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" corkscrew. Vladimir Putin seems to be happy with whatever direction this new administration takes. Why is that just a little bit unsettling?
And why is it that, after all the hue and cry about a rigged election by the Twit leading up to November 8, when an intelligence report pointed to Russian hacking of that election. This being an election that was won, electorally, by Donald Trump seems to suggest that there is no further need to investigate this election. As for the briefings that the once and future head Twit might or might not feel necessary, "The 'Intelligence' briefing on so-called 'Russian hacking' was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!" So-called because "Julian Assange said 'a 14 year old could have hacked Podesta' - why was DNC so careless?" And the hits just keep on coming. Meanwhile, senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain said evidence was conclusive that Putin sought to influence the election.
The barrage of angry and confrontational words coming from Mister Twit set the stage for a very unusual relationship with the NSA, FBI, CIA and other elements of the intelligence alphabet. As  his Twitness' handlres began to acknowledge the reality of the Russian influence, the tweets about  his old employers, NBC, continued his trend: "Wow, the ratings are in and Arnold Schwarzenegger got 'swamped' (or destroyed) by comparison to the ratings machine, DJT. So much for....being a movie star-and that was season 1 compared to season 14. Now compare him to my season 1. But who cares, he supported Kasich & Hillary." 
Who cares? Hopefully anyone within the sound and the fury of your viscous twittering. 

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