Thursday, January 26, 2017

Current Occupant

On the radio Monday morning there was discussion of the weekend's events. Marches described with words like "amazing," "spectacular" and "unprecedented." It was the last one that caught me. It was the adjective that I had a certain Cable News Network had used to describe the 2016 election. In a book. The subtitle: The Election That Changed Everything. Down is up. Two plus two is five. Global warming is a Chinese Conspiracy. Black and white are still what they used to be but they are most definitely not the same. We now live in a world of alternative facts. 
We now live in Bizarro World. For those of you who have missed reading your DC comics, this is an alternative reality where inhabitants live by the code,  "Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!" As a result, very little is perfect, and it is only via happy accident that things work out for the best. Their cube-shaped planet was made that way by Superman himself, who offered to turn their globe into a box in return for commuting his sentence for doing something perfect in the eyes of Bizarro justice. 
Jerry Seinfeld, a comedian and Superman aficionado, devoted an entire episode of his television show to explaining Bizarro to us all. One of the most telling examples for our purposes is Feldman, the Bizarro Kramer, who knocks on his Bizarro friend Kevin's door and waits patiently to be let in. Elaine is the link between these two realities, and when she makes the choice to stay with Kevin and Feldman and their polite, courteous friend Gene, she is cast out because she obviously doesn't belong. 
Belonging is going to be difficult in Bizarro World. The only saving grace for this situation is the words I heard the folks on the radio say after "unprecedented." They reminded us all that we, the people are the boss. The President is the temp. That is why so many now refer to him as "The Current President." Robert Frost once told us that "nothing golden stays." Nothing Bizarro stays, either. Sleep tight, America. 

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