Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now

I know. If I stop talking about it, maybe it will go away. But really: Sarah Palin and Donald Trump? Shouldn't somebody be pointing out that the emperor and his lady reporter friend are not wearing any respectable clothes? Sarah found another network, "One America News Network," where she could have a job. She's a job creator, after all. The two of them got together and gushed over one another a week ago for anyone who would bother to listen. I tried. I really, really tried. I couldn't do it. Not in one straight shot. I had to keep turning back to Stephen Colbert hosting Only In Monroe. It helped me remember that there are other people and things going on in our country that don't necessarily rely on the frantic haranguing of the Donald And Sarah Show.
Of course, such an alliance was inevitable. The Maverick and the Donald. The Twin Towers of Tumult. "Let's talk about that middle class that you're really resonating with," she nudged. "That's one of the reasons why I've always loved you, you and your family, you've got that great connection," he oozed back. Wait. What connection with the middle class? Me? Am I middle class? Am I missing something? Are these kerjillionaires hooking up with the middle class in ways I don't understand? Maybe I'm one of the elite. That's probably it. That's why I don't understand how this flurry of rhetoric about how "America is getting socked in the nose for the past seven years" pertains to me. I hadn't noticed that I was getting socked in the nose.
Maybe I'm not responding to enough polls. That seems to be where Mister Trump is doing his best work. People all across America are responding to him. I am too. Just not the way I think he wants me to. Maybe I need to be "schooled" like that "radical activist" Jorge Ramos. The one that Donald sent packing from his news conference the other day. He is a reporter, an immigrant, and happily he had the good taste to ask his questions in English, American English, as Ms. Palin would prefer. But he wouldn't stop asking about the Trump solution for immigration. Bad form. And the press "generally agreed" with what he did: had the guy removed. A quick Google search of the item, "Trump removes Univision reporter" that includes words like "forcibly" and "snubbed" in reference to how Donald and his crew dealt with the matter suggests otherwise, but maybe I have been missing the point for a long time now.
There is another world. A world that is very similar to our own, but maintains its own logic and traditions. I believe that may be the world in which Sarah and Donald ultimately belong and where they will rule happily in perpetuity. Bizarro World. Middle class in Bizzaro World. It all starts to make sense to me now.

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