Saturday, September 05, 2015

Heaven And Hell

The nature of our reality sometimes rests on a very thin edge. Sometimes we think that we are making choices that will change the course of our lives and those around us. Sometimes we feel like those choices will make a difference to the course of human history. It's the personal version of the Butterfly Effect. In this model, the decisions we all make are the flapping of the butterfly's wings and the rest of the planet is the hurricane fast approaching. Can one person's flapping really change the course of that cataclysmic storm bearing down upon us?
Or, if you were to take a more spiritual view of things, would you believe that by denying gay couples wedding licenses in your official capacity as a county clerk, could you stem the tide of this nutty old world on its course to fiery Armageddon? That is what Kim Davis believes. She invoked "God's Authority" when she defied numerous court orders when she turned yet another gay couple down when they came to the offices in Rowan County to prepare for their nuptials. Kentucky? That sort of makes sense, but now it's a law upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States and all.  Her attorney, Mat Staver who is founder of the Christian law firm Liberty Counsel and is representing Ms. Davis in her bid to refuse marriage licenses said, "She has found herself in a situation she never envisioned." Never? Well, maybe not back before she was born again, and all that authority that she was suddenly granted because she and God have this understanding now seems pretty clear. For her, "It is a heaven or hell decision." For whom, exactly, is not completely clear, but it could be interpreted that by denying gay couples the opportunity to wed, she is keeping us all safe from damnation. Or is it just her?
Just down the road a piece in Tennessee, a seventy-six year old man killed his wife in a disagreement over church tithe money. Norman McKinney shot and killed his wife because he was certain that she had hidden the money he had planned to give to his church. Apparently he had not read the whole set of Ten Commandments, or maybe he just skipped one since he felt he was operating with "God's Authority." According to authorities, there was no hidden wad of cash. Just a whole lot of confusion and bad feelings. 
Keep flapping, little butterfly. 

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