Thursday, October 09, 2014

Some Kind Of Help...

I am on the safety committee at my school. It is just a part of what I hope is an over-arching concern I have for the kids who call me their teacher. I am also concerned with our national security. I would like nothing better than to go to sleep tonight and not wake up with another report of the creeping terrorist threat that exists across the globe and will almost certainly find its way into our back yards before we know it. Or our playgrounds.
That is why I am applauding Lisa Carol Roche from Mississippi. It is awesome that in these troubled times we can still find a concerned parent and American. In her very active and alert way, Ms. Roche was patrolling the parking lot of East Central High School in Hurley where she was hard at work looking for ISIS. That is where local law enforcement caught up to her. Though she was initially contacted on suspicion of burglary, she explained to the officers on the scene that she was doing her civic duty to root out the terrorist threat in the parking lot of her children's school. She was taken into what we can only assume was protective custody, for her own safety.
It might also have had something to do with the sunglasses and others' personal items that were found on Ms. Roche when she was in the midst of her own very important investigation. It might also have been connected to her previous arrests for careless driving, felony fraud and felony embezzlement. Or maybe that's all just a convenient cover, designed to throw us all off the scent. In all my years of teaching, I have always been pleased and happy to have a dedicated and and committed parent on hand to help out when the going gets tough, and I can't imagine of the going getting any more tough than when Islamic terrorists start invading the parking lots of our nation's high schools. I just wish there were more like her. 
Oh wait. There are. 

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