Thursday, October 02, 2014

Oh My!

"Let me take you to that wonderland that only two can share." That is precisely the kind of prurient and salacious garbage that we really need to keep out of the ears of our youngsters. What precisely do you think the artist is encouraging with that sort of lascivious talk? I don't believe that it is an invitation to sample the works of Lewis Carroll, not that they would be any less objectionable. Some pop songs just ought to be kept off the radio.
Here's another example: "Wouldn't it be nice," asks one young songwriter, "if we could wake up in the morning when the day is new?" What sort of illicit canoodling is this guy suggesting? He continues, "and after having spent the day together, hold each other close the whole night through." Well, I guess I don't have to paint you any more graphic picture than that do I? With all those feverish rhythms and twangy guitars, it's a straight-up invitation to do exactly the wrong thing.
Then there's the song that goes, "The movie wasn't so hot - It didn't have much of a plot - We fell asleep - our goose is cooked - Our reputation is shot." Your good and wholesome reputation, that is. "Well, what are we gonna tell your mama? What are we gonna tell your pa? What are we gonna tell our friends when they say 'Ooh la la'?" You will tell them the truth: That you have sinned in the eyes of the Lord and you beg his everlasting forgiveness for this vile transgression. Listening to this vile rock and roll rubbish can lead only to ruin.
Instead, you should turn to more wholesome entertainment, such as the works of Olivia Newton John, or those nice Beach Boys. The ones who Ronald Reagan was so fond of. Turn your tastes back to a simpler time when songs were all about the innocence of life and the sweet harmonies of those fresh faced Everly Brothers. Or maybe we should just go ahead and let kids listen to Katy Perry after all. 

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