Sunday, November 24, 2019

Humans Are Such Easy Prey

Let's pretend for a minute that I wanted to avoid all this impeachment business.
Maybe I just wanted to go away for a little while, to escape the din of hearings and witnesses and testimony.
Or perhaps I just wanted to stick my head in the sand and wait for the parade to pass me by. But every time I stood up and looked around, it was still there: in bright red, white and blue. I just want to get a ride to work, maybe take a few moments with my lovely wife and catch up on the events of the day. Unless the radio is on. And those voices cut through the what is happening now to make apparent what was happening back then.
I am reminded of the dialogue between school children which I have witnessed countless times:
"Shut up."
"No you shut up."
"I told you to shut up."
"You shut up first."
"No, you."
"No, you shut up most."
And so on.
The lines are pretty well established now. Trying to make a case that impresses anyone from either side to acquiesce seems to be a pretty futile gesture. All the words spoken, written and reiterated are like wads of Kleenex tossed at a brick wall. Sure, given enough time and an endless supply of Kleenex, one could imagine that a dent could be made. Not in this lifetime, however.
And so we are left with this wall. Democrats on one side, Republicans on the other. The divide seems to dismiss common sense, since the belief that only by coming together can this wrong be righted. Relieving ourselves of this despot, or falling in lockstep to Make America Great Again, ours is a nation of extremes.
Which is exactly why I keep hoping for that alien invasion. Simulcast on CNN and Fox News. With crawls at the bottom of the screen blaming the other party for setting us up as such easy prey.

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