Friday, June 07, 2013

Voyage To The Bottom Of The State

It says here that the Disney Conglomeration is raising its price of admission to their theme parks by more than six percent. Now it will cost more than ninety dollars to get in the gate for a day. That rise is more than that of inflation. It's also a good deal more than the raise I received this year from the Oakland Unified School District.
Oh, that's right. I didn't get a raise this year from the Oakland Unified School District. I haven't received a raise from the Oakland Unified School District for some time now. Times are tough in the education biz. I understand that I am comparing apples and oranges here, but since one of the things I try to do with my hard-earned money each summer is make a trip to what I believe to be the happiest on earth, I find that these are both fruits growing from a tree and therefore worth discussing for a moment or two.
First of all, the five dollars that Disney, the company not the frozen head in a jar, raised their prices will probably not be the difference between my brood and I taking to the road and heading to Anaheim. An extra fifteen dollars a day? I can absorb that. That's why I wait until the middle of the summer to head down Interstate Five, "The Five," to join the crowds and mingle with the rest of the families who have made similar plans out of their feverish Disney dreams.
But it would be easier if I got a six percent raise in my salary to compensate for the change in the cost of living at Disneyland. Which may lead me to making the career change that I have often suggested, but only now see as a realistic one: Becoming a skipper on one of the Jungle Cruise boats. It would be a whole lot easier than trying to get my single subject math credential. I already know all the jokes.

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