Thursday, June 20, 2013

Need To Know

Hello, National Security Administration. I've decided to drop all pretense of the belief that I was having this private little conversation with a few very focused and dedicated readers. I understand that I have laid bare the essence of my life and world for you to pick and prod. What sort of connections will set that red light blinking down at headquarters? I spent the second half of the Bush II administration slinging mud at whatever elected official held still long enough for me to put together something pithy. All of my liberal credentials are solidly on view and have been since before I started writing this blog. I've just made it more easily searchable.
Of course, since the last two elections have gone "my way," I haven't been as virulent in my discussion of the policies of the gang currently pulling the strings in Washington, but as the second Obama term begins to stink on ice, I won't promise to keep my ornery opinions to myself. What sort of security risk does this make me? I might complain a lot, but since I didn't suggest a violent overthrow of the government even when President Pinhead (as I used to refer to W), I'm not guessing that I'll be in big trouble now.
Now I've gone and done it. I went and wrote "violent overthrow." Maybe it's context. Since mine was hypothetical, I'm sure I won't be a problem. Or maybe I was referring to Lebron James' free throw shooting style. It's not like I called General Keith Alexander a nimrod.
Or maybe it doesn't matter at all. Maybe it's just now that we're finding out about how much our government knows about us we should just surrender to the inevitable. It's a trade. We want our likes and dislikes available online for our friends. We want to be able to call our friends from our car to tell them about our likes and dislikes. We want to be able to foment dissent from deep below the earth in our underground bunkers.
It could be that since I rarely turn on my cellular telephone that I'm not doing my part for the information retrieval portion of the game. These daily updates about what's going on in my world seems like a pretty simple price to pay for all that information dispersal. Just click on the profile over there if you want to find out more about me. Just don't bother asking about any of my friends. Let them get their own blogs. Or cell phones. Or e-mail addresses. Or tracking devices implanted at their last dental appointment.

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Krs10 said...

Oh man! Are they reading BLOGS now? I had just decided to stop using my telephone and blog exclusively. They're probably friends with us on FaceBook, too.