Monday, April 08, 2019

Lying Down

A few days back, the "President" was using his caps lock button to complain to Twitter about PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT. Oddly enough, this came in the days following the release of the Mueller Report, the one that he insisted, after months and months of decrying its existence as a WITCH HUNT, cleared him of all wrongdoing. The trouble, it seems, is that there are still a whole lot of people who are not convinced.
And a whole bunch who are. It seems that repeating a big lie often enough sometimes has the effect of making it a truth. Not the truth, since the truth is only known to history, and what we hear currently is a lot of yammering competing to become the truth.
Like if someone says that the noise from wind turbines cause cancer. That doesn't sound like very good science, but then again what does? If someone you admire and respect shows up and starts babbling on about all those cases of cancer generated by the noise from wind turbines, wouldn't you be tempted to believe them? Especially if they gave you a nice red baseball hat?
And what about somebody who continues to relate how his father was born in Germany, even though rooms full of documents state that he was actually born in New York City? I mean, a guy should know where his father was born, shouldn't he? Unless that little fact didn't fit in well with the rest of the clanging and banging going on in the narrative that would not fit the purpose of this little fact. Like stopping the flow of drugs into our country is directly connected to our immigration policies and a wall being built across our border. Except the drugs coming into our country are not being strapped to the backs of immigrants seeking asylum. They are coming in great boatloads to various and sundry ports of call. Immigrants are bad because they bring crime and drugs.
Not the ones from Germany, of course.
So the FAKE NEWS continues to HARASS the "President." If that means that we continue to separate the wheat facts from the chaff lies, then so be it. In the meantime, I continue to be amused at the pretend architecture of this administration, but I look forward to one that has a little more reality mixed in, just for good measure.

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