Monday, April 01, 2019

Fully Optimistic On Liberation

Aggravating beyond words. When this kind of thing happens, I expect the rest of the country, nay the rest of the world would be as up in arms as I am. This kind of frustration stems from the way things build up over time. If something had been done much earlier, who knows how different things might have turned out.
When there was still a chance that we could have averted this tragedy, no one seemed interested. The apathy felt among various groups was, in hindsight, oppressive. Not that there weren't individuals who tried to rise above the public's perception. There were plenty of folks who got it into their heads that they could be the change that we all need. To those people I say a hearty and appreciative "Thank You." The rest of us?
How could we have ignored all these signs? The great big neon ones that pointed directly to the source, but we as a society didn't have the wisdom or the courage to confront it. Not at the time. Not until it was too late.
But is it really too late? Can we turn back the clock and take another run at it now? If there was some way to make something better, if only superficially. Not that superficial would have made things worse. Sometimes appearances, aside from being deceiving, can open the door to more substantial change. Change that will last.
While we are waiting for someone to provide us with a vision to move ahead, must we stay mired in the confusion and lethargy that seems to bind us? Will we be able to respond as a nation when that individual or group finally appears on that ideological horizon? History suggests that it is possible. Maybe even likely. There are many examples of society doing just that.
How will we know when the moment comes that it won't be too little too late? How can we be sure that we will recognize the right thing to do after doing the wrong thing for so long? Could it be that we won't notice when real change comes down the track because we have been sitting still for so very long?
Hope, as the poet reminds us, is the thing with feathers, and if you have anything to add, please let me know before next April Fool's Day.

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