Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our answer: "Our country is full." At least that's what our "President" says.
Why else would we need to close our southern border? There's no room for any more people. I don't know if you noticed how crowded things have become at your local Starbucks, but you can be sure that if you want your Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato in a timely fashion, you had better hope that something is done and fast. "There is indeed an emergency on our southern border," the "President" said at the briefing in Calexico, Calirfornia and adding that there has been a sharp uptick in illegal crossings. "It's a colossal surge and it's overwhelming our immigration system, and we can't let that happen. ... We can't take you anymore. We can't take you. Our country is full."
His pronouncement came as California and nineteen other states that are suing the "President" over his emergency declaration to build a border wall requested a court order to stop money from being diverted to fund the project. "The Project" known as "The Wall" is seen as the solution to keeping our country from overflowing. And the latte lines more reasonable. 
What isn't apparent to those folks coming across the border in those marauding hordes is that they aren't wanted. Somehow the past two years of antagonistic rhetoric from our "President" hasn't stilled the urges of those living down there to make them want to find a way up here. Which is pretty telling since the fear and animosity aimed at those yearning to breathe free, to have a shot at the American Dream. But they aren't Americans, are they? Not North Americans, anyway. Or not the lower than Canada North Americans. 
And since these hordes are the ones bringing all the drugs into the country, it's really for the best. Now, if they were bringing Macchiatos, this whole thing might go down a little differently. Instead, we could welcome these refugees as saviors to our shores. Well, our deserts, anyway. Across the imaginary line that won't be so imaginary anymore because they will be marked by great big plates of steel, rising dozens of feet into the air. Nearly insurmountable. Unless you are clever and/or desperate enough to walk around it. But you can't really walk away from hate. Or the fear of not being able to find a parking spot at the mall. 

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