Monday, March 25, 2019

Rest On The Seventh Day

Six days.
That's how long it took New Zealand to ban assault weapons.
It is also the amount of time it took God to create the heavens and the earth.
Six days.
Some unbalanced cretin with access to automatic weapons shoots up two mosques and the government takes action.
Did I mention six days?
No "appropriate period of mourning before we take up the question."
Six days.
I know. There will be plenty of discussion about just how effective a ban will be on items that can be acquired illegally or through other means. There is no perfect solution. But people were killed by the dozens by these weapons that have no other purpose. Why not take a stand?
Are we, meaning us or US or U.S., so afraid of what will happen if we tried anything along this line that we continue to be unwilling to do that?
It took us more than a month to figure out a way to get our government restarted after somebody decided to take the keys home with them and hold on to them until he felt darn good and ready to stop throwing his hissy fit and declare a national emergency.
A national emergency is when people are dying and there is a way to save them by declaring an emergency. Rather than spending billions of dollars on a wall, why not take some time to make common sense gun laws.
Six days.
Am I getting through to anyone out there? Am I just preaching to the choir? How many more Americans have to die because we need guns with high capacity magazines and the ability to fire forty-five rounds a minute? That's not in the Constitution. I checked.
It's not like New Zealand has the only clever legislators and administration types. We have a lot of them too. Sitting down and figuring out how to come together and stop something like heart disease makes sense. How about helping those with severe bullet allergies?
Six days.
Come on. I'm not asking for the universe here.

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Krs10 said...

Preach it, brother.

No, seriously, get up and preach it. This is so good.