Friday, March 22, 2019

A Must Read

People are recommending me books to read all the time. My wife gifts me volumes she believes I will eventually get around to reading. And I do, but it sometimes takes me a while. A good long while. It's probably that whole "should" thing. I will not go willingly unto that good read. It's a stubborn thing. Which eventually leads to this conversation:
"You know that book you wanted me to read?"
"Which one?"
"You know, with the essays and the guy."
"Well, it turns out that you were right. It's a really good book."
"Uh huh."
"Thanks for telling me about it."
Then another long period of silence before new topics are introduced.
I will say this, however: I have no interest in reading the New Zealand shooter's "manifesto." There are not many manifestos written by anyone that I would find compelling enough to sit through, and one written by a terrorist seems like it would find its way to the bottom of that untouched pile. Even if Kellyanne Conway wasn't insisting that I should.
“People should read it the entire — in its entirety,” said Conway of the white nationalist manifesto, speaking on Fox & Friends Monday morning. “I guess everybody scoured it, searched for Donald Trump’s name, and there it is one time,” she said, “but he also said he aligns closely with the ideology of China, he said he’s not a conservative, he’s not a Nazi. I think he refers to himself as an ‘eco-naturalist’ or an ‘eco-fascist.’”
She thinks. 
The reason Ms. Conway is shilling for us to read the words of a nutjob killer is because she is once again dutifully defending her boss who is mentioned in the manifesto. The shooter wrote he was a supporter of the president as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose” but not “as a policy maker and leader ... Dear god no.”
Who is not mentioned in the manifesto? Bernie Sanders. Elanor Roosevelt. TV funnyman Norman Fell, god rest his soul. And me. I am not mentioned by name in the scurrilous scribblings of a terrorist. 
Actually. I'm not sure about that last one. Maybe I should read it.

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