Saturday, September 08, 2018

Do You Feel A Draft?

I used to play fantasy football. There was a core group of us at my school that created an eight person league, starting each year on that second week of school with our draft. If you have never played or experienced fantasy football, I can recommend it as an easy way to build collegiality, and if you don't play for a ton of money, enjoy the bragging rights Monday morning when everyone arrives at work. The old gang has drifted apart over the past couple years, and the vicarious thrills that layered on top of the general thread of spectator sports have gone and left me.
That's why I am thinking of starting up a fantasy government league. You can draft representatives and senators, cabinet members and justices. I'm not sure exactly how the scoring would go, but it seems as though there should be a social media component, where being mentioned in a "Presidential" tweet would be a bonus. Points would be awarded for votes cast, bills written, and possible confirmations. Fumbles and gaffes would be negative, depending on their degree and viral-ness. 
With the upcoming midterms, it might make sense to keep your eyes on some of that rookie talent that's out there. Up and comers like Beto O'Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might be worth holding a roster spot open for one of them. Or this Kavanaugh kid, who seems to be making a name for himself on the bench. Get it? Bench? Like judicial stuff?  
So I suspect that this might make some of the really tawdry things going on in our nation's capital a little more digestible. If someone manages to wriggle free from indictment or if your cabinet member gets fired but still manages to turn state's evidence, it could be a lose-win proposition at the very worst. 
And maybe, just maybe, the good guys will win. 
Stay tuned, America. 

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