Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Big Blue Bubble

So, here's the metaphor: The guy standing outside of his girlfriend's house late at night. He whispers. He clears his throat. Then he reaches down on the ground and picks up a tiny handful of gravel. He tosses the tiny stones at her window pane, one at a time. Picking up another fistful, this time he throws a little harder, making a showering sound that must surely wake anyone inside. Nope. This time, he picks up a slightly larger rock, lobbing it at his target, making a somewhat resounding thud. Still nothing. Finally, he picks up a nice sized chunk of granite and throws it with mild certainty at his girlfriend's bedroom window. This time there is a crash of glass breaking and the light in her room comes on immediately, with the window thrown open almost as abruptly.
That's how it's supposed to work, and for the purposes of this comparison, the guy is me and the rest of the country is asleep inside. I keep tossing my pebbles of satire and cynicism and the lights stay off. I play my little game of replying to our "President's" tweets and get plenty of amused agreement with my crushing analysis. I put quotation marks around the "President" in order to express my outrage.
Pebbles. What gets heard in Washington D.C.? That same dull hum of the refrigerator running. No one wants to unplug the refrigerator. It's just the noise that comes with having a refrigerator. All the thoughts and criticism and voices of dissent create that appliance sound. Sure there are plenty of people out there who disagree with the direction this country is taking. Some of them have worked for the current administration. Many of them are of the same party affiliation as the "President." What sort of course corrections are being made? None. It's just the refrigerator humming. Those pebbles aren't waking anyone up.
How big does the rock have to be? Caging children? A face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin in which the matter of the 2016 election hacking is blithely tossed off with an assurance from Vlad that it never happened? Making deals with our enemies and taking swipes at our allies? Doing nothing while school shootings continue? Doing nothing while racism becomes the order of the day, or jumping in on the game himself?
How big does the rock have to be?
Maybe we need to break a few windows.
Or maybe this is the wrong house.

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