Friday, July 27, 2018

Clean Slate

I know.
I've said this before: These are end times.
While there are those who stomp around the globe touting economic success and military superiority, the planet is begging to differ. In Greece, wildfires have raced across the country in what witnesses have referred to as a "biblical disaster." Tourists are retreating to the sea to avoid flames that are forcing them to the shore. A heat wave in Japan has taken the lives of sixty-five in what some have called unprecedented. Unprecedented compared to a world that wasn't experiencing end times.
What does that mean? End Times?
It's a biblical thing. Like the wildfires in Greece. There are also wildfires burning as far north as the Arctic Circle. You remember the Arctic Circle, don't you? Where the icebergs and the polar bears are. Were. Not so much anymore. In Siberia, where once upon a time the temperature dipped to minus eighty-nine degrees, colder than Mars, people have been sunbathing in ninety degree weather. Ninety degrees above zero.
The Bible doesn't have a lot to say about sunbathing, but a fiery end to life on earth shows up a lot. A whole lot. Not that I tend to believe the Written Word as if it were the Way Things Really Are. Or are meant to be. But it is pretty interesting how all this heat is showing up just when everything else seems to be erupting.
It's probably science. That talk about global warming seems to make a whole lot of sense, scientifically speaking. Lots of people would like to remind us that the climate has always been changing and so why should we worry about this?
Polar bears spontaneously combusting? That would be something to worry about, right? Hasn't happened yet. A U.S. president threatening war with other nations over social media? That would be as ridiculous as, oh I dunno, a polar bear spontaneously combusting. It would be amusing if it wasn't so horrifying. Which is a little how I see some of those stories in the Bible.
Yes, I know that I have prattled on about how the world seems to be coming to an end. Which seems pretty hypocritical considering I have plans to see the followup to the most recent Avengers movie. In which half the universe is wiped out in a finger snap. Oops. Spoiler alert. Which won't really be such a big deal anymore once the end times really do come.

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