Saturday, July 07, 2018

Beauty And The Beast

"Hello, Ann."
"It's :me Ann."
"It can't be. You're - you were -"
"Well, everyone said - I saw -"
"Just shows you can't trust everyone. Especially if they're in show business."
"Mister Denham was just trying to -"
"I know what Mister Denham was trying to do."
"But, you're alright?"
"It took a lot of rehab, and I can definitely tell you when it's going to rain. And I try to stay away from tall buildings."
"Where have you been keeping yourself?"
"There aren't a lot  of places where a forty foot gorilla can hide out. I hung out in the Caribbean for a while. Got some work in the fields, agriculture seemed like a logical next step for an ape of my talents."
"But that doesn't explain how you managed to go unnoticed for -
"Unless you've got somebody who wanted me to stay missing."
"Nope, but you're getting warmer."
"I don't know. The police?  The mayor?"
"Think a little closer to home."
"I - don't understand."
"Are you still hanging around with Jack?"
"Jack? Of course. We were married right after - well. You know."
"I know. And I figured that the two of you needed some peace and quiet. After all I put you through."
"Put us through? What  about you?"
"Well, I've had some time to think about that. And even though your husband has been most generous about finding a way to keep your happily ever after from being anything but."
"What are you talking about?"
"Monthly checks. Made out to a retirement fund. Keeps me in bananas. And away from you."
"Jack would never -"
"Once a month. Check your account."
"Which still  doesn't explain why you're calling me now."
"I want to see you, Ann."
"I don't know if that's a good idea."
"Are you worried about what Jack would say?"
"It's just that we've been having kind of a tough time lately."
"I could have told you that."
"You're so sure. What makes you so sure?"
"Well, there are a lot  of Jacks out there - "
"But only one Kong."
"You said it. I didn't."

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