Friday, June 16, 2017

Paradise Lost

There is a scene in Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's comic masterpiece Bedazzled in which Dudley asks Peter, who is plays Lucifer, why he left heaven. The devil suggests that they try a little role playing, with Dudley dancing around singing praises while Satan takes his position sitting on top of a mailbox, encouraging his minion to be more effusive and more personal. After a few minutes of this, Dudley stops dancing and singing and says, "Hey, I think I'd like to try it up there for a while." Exactly. 
This was the scene that played in my head when the "President" convened his first Cabinet meeting last Monday. The televised event gave every person sitting at the table a chance to gush wildly about their boss's wisdom, clarity and agenda. To what end, one wonders? Could it be that Mary Anne MacLeod Trump's little boy didn't get enough love when he was a child? Or an adult? Or at any point in his life. The chance to have a room full of carefully selected sycophants laud your accomplishments in a highly orchestrated media opportunity. And what did the MSM (Mainstream Media) do with this event?
Did it stop people in their tracks, causing them to reevaluate the job our "President" is doing?
Did they realize that this is just a well-intentioned man with a vision to Make America Greattm again?'
Well, no.
Did the people listen carefully and consider just how really terrific this "President" really is?
They poked fun at him. 
They called it "sick, shameful, pathetic.
If the desired effect was to engender love and respect for the "President" outside of that room, then it had to be a disappointment.
Unless you're Donald J. Trump. He dances to the beat of a different drummer. And sings his own praises well enough that he probably doesn't notice he's not in heaven. 

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