Friday, May 12, 2017

No Sanctuary

No sanctuary in Texas. That's what governor Greg Abbot would like us to know. Governor Greg signed a law on a Facebook event last Sunday, which will punish any city in the Lone Star State that refuses to enforce federal immigration laws. The Texas ban not only permits local law enforcement officers to request immigration papers from anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally, it also makes so-called sanctuary policies illegal. Local sheriffs and police chiefs who refuse to comply with federal immigration detainer requests now face hefty fines or even jail time, while elected and appointed officials may be subject to removal from office. Critics argue that such a practice amounts to encouraging racial profiling. To which Governor Greg replied, "So?"
With the signing came the expected and attendant backlash. Not from the Department of Justice. They had this to say: “The Department of Justice is committed to promoting a lawful system of immigration and the attorney general commends Governor Abbott for his work to end the lawlessness of sanctuary cities." The uproar you can probably hear from where you are sitting comes from the people affected: the ones living in the state of perpetual confusion (Texas). Then there were the two hundred faith leaders from across Texas that signed a letter condemning the new immigration legislation. They pointed out, correctly, the proud history of immigration that is the foundation of Texas. The Republic of Texas was annexed from Mexico in 1845 just before a little kerfuffle called the Mexican-American War. There's always been a lot of Mexico in Texas. 
And just who will be responsible for getting the Mex out of Tex? Law enforcement officers. These departments and individuals can be put in jail for not stopping folks on the street and asking them for their papers. Let's see now, what historical allusion do we have here? Cities, counties and colleges could face fines ranging from one to twenty-five thousand dollars a day for not getting in line with the program.
Which might help defray the cost of the proposed boycott of that area just south of Oklahoma. Remember the Alamo? Davy Crockett would be so proud. 

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