Sunday, May 14, 2017

Kitchen Table

Sitting across the kitchen table
the mother asks the son,
"How was your day?"
Most of the time
the answer is easy
"Fine," he says
Then there are those times
when the day wasn't
easy or fine
not easy
This is the kind of day
that makes these chats
so very important
These are the days when
moms earn their day
they listen
they care
They know that listening
won't make everything
fine again
it is a port in the storm
that's why the phone still rings
on a Sunday afternoon
from miles away
years away
from that kitchen table
comes a sigh
"Hi, mom"
And that circle is renewed
"How was your day?"
Even when the answer
is "Fine."
A mother knows
She knows because
she's been listening
and she knows
and she cares.

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