Monday, May 01, 2017

No. Really.

"I loved my previous life. I had so many things going," "President" Trump told Reuters in an interview. "This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier." This comment goes such a very long way toward explaining the problem here. This is a guy who, according to his headgear, was aiming at Making America Great Again
He thought that was going to be easier.
Doesn't he read the papers?
Wait. Sorry.
Doesn't he watch the news?
Doesn't he watch anything but Fox and Friends?
"I like to drive," he said. "I can't drive any more."
Which is interesting because he is currently driving a lot of us. To drink. Crazy. To the brink. 
More than five months after his victory and two days shy of the hundred-day mark of his presidency, the election is still on Trump's mind. Midway through a discussion about Chinese President Xi Jinping, the president paused to hand out copies of what he said were the latest figures from the 2016 electoral map. "Here, you can take that, that's the final map of the numbers," the Republican "president" said from his desk in the Oval Office, handing out maps of the United States with areas he won marked in red. "It’s pretty good, right? The red is obviously us." Obviously.
Somewhere, the sun is shining on a gleaming Golden T. Birds, or what is left of them after the effects of the global devastation wreaked over the past few years, are singing. In the penthouse offices, a whispy orange buffoon rambles about. Picking up phones. Screaming into them. Putting them down. The staff shivers in distress as they try in vain to meet their boss's every demand. Suddenly, the buffoon looks up. There is a faint trace of an expression crossing his face, replacing the perpetual grimace. Is it a smile? "I think I would like to go for a drive." On the way out, he grabs the keys and hands a crumpled piece of paper to his manservant. "You see those red states? Those are us."
Not anymore.  

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