Thursday, March 09, 2017

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

The friendly folks in Illinois would like you to know how to act when you get pulled over. The following list comes from a handbook they published called "Rules of the Road."
— slow down and safely pull over to the right-hand shoulder or nearest safe location.
— keep both hands clearly in sight on the steering wheel until the police officer instructs otherwise.
— be prepared for an officer to approach your vehicle from either side.
— do not exit your vehicle until asked to do so, since getting out may be viewed as aggressive behavior.
— when asked for your driver's license and proof of insurance, say where they are, then follow the officer's instructions.
— don't debate with the officer about the reason for the stop or a ticket. There will be time in court to defend yourself.
—don't be uncooperative, and don't resist if taken into custody.
— expect the officer to treat you with dignity and respect. Report any inappropriate behavior to the officer's superiors.
None of these seem ridiculous. They all fall into a very nice, cooperative place where those who protect and serve are there to make sue you are safe and so are they. The challenge here is the climate into which these suggestions are being lobbed. Getting out of your vehicle may be viewed as aggressive behavior? There will be time in court to defend yourself? Expect the officer to treat you with dignity and respect? On behalf of all the law enforcement officers that I know and love, I wish that they were free to operate within these parameters. On behalf of the law enforcement officers who have had a hard time, specifically with that last one, shame on you for making a radically difficult job nearly impossible.  Everyone else? Let's see if we can keep our end up. 

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