Friday, March 31, 2017

Sports Day

Spirit Week. That time of year again. It came a little early, but maybe it has to do with the cycle of the moon, or students and teachers desperate to find the end of the year. Tuesday was Sports Day, a thankful respite from Monday's Pajama Day. I prepared the night before by pawing through my drawer full of jerseys: Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Football. College and Professional. There's even a Roma Wind soccer jersey in there. As I began the process of final selection for the day, I was struck by the amount of money I had invested over the years in the shirts worn by millionaires. Not even. The replicas of shirts won by millionaires.
I lingered over my Denver Broncos jerseys. I own a pair of John Elway replicas, and a Peyton Manning. I bought them to commemorate their skills on the field and their ability to win Super Bowls for the Broncos. My team. Well, their team I suppose. The team I support mos frequently by purchasing their swag. Both men have since retired from the game of professional football, but John Elway has maintained a presence nearby as General Manager of the Broncos, and while Peyton continues to sling the occasional pizza instead of the occasional pigskin, he has been mentioned as a potential political candidate because of his personable nature and charisma. In January he went to speak to the Republican leadership types, no doubt sharing his vision for the future. Or something like that.
Just recently, John Elway used Denver Broncos stationary to write a letter endorsing Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. It's part of a mutual admiration society, to hear John tell it. And did this make me throw out those Broncos jerseys in a fit of pique? Nope. Because this is how the world works: Those who can afford to be Republicans tend to go ahead and do just that. Like a force of nature.
Meanwhile, in the town where I currently live, the Oakland Raiders are getting ready to pack up and move to Las Vegas. The working stiffs who scrimp and save for those seats in the Black Hole will be most disappointed. All those kids dressed silver and black for Sports Day will just have to reckon on this as another business decision. Nothing personal.
I miss Pajama Day already.

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