Sunday, December 11, 2016


While we're on the subject of not believing everything that you read, please believe this: They took the word "gullible" out of the dictionary. They replaced it with a picture of Lucy Richards, of Tampa Florida. Ms. Richards was arrested this past week for making death threats. To whom did she make these threats? Not someone down the street for leaving their Christmas Light display on all night playing "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree." Not the guy who cut her off in line at WalMart on Black Friday. Nope. She was sending death threats to one of the mothers of the children who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School four years ago.
Lucy was able to reach out and torment this grieving mother because they were now living in the same region. She didn't even have to cross state lines to let loose with such clever bits as, "Look behind you, it's death." Wait. Why? Ms. Richards is a "truther," who believes that the massacre of twenty children and six staff members at an elementary school in Connecticut was a hoax, and therefore those who perpetrated this vile ruse upon an unsuspecting public.
For Lucy Richards, and an ever-growing group of gullibles, are happy to believe the truth as packaged by folks like Alex Jones. You may remember Mister Jones from a vocabulary lesson not long ago. If you don't, Alex Jones is the truthiest of truthers. He would like us to trust him when he says that the mass murder never occurred. It was what those in the know call a "false flag event." These are covert operations designed to make us think that these bad things were done by someone other than those who really carried them out. September 11, 2001, for example. The deaths of a group of children in Newtown, Connecticut would be another. If there is any kind of silver lining in this story, it is that the false flaggers tend to suggest that there never were any kids in the first place, not that they were sacrificed in some horrible, twisted bit of espionage that got us all to think that guns are bad.
Because they aren't. Those of us who read that certain portion of Al Gore's Internet know that guns don't kill people, web sites do.
Oh, and by the way, in that first paragraph I mentioned how the word "gullible" had been replaced from in the dictionary? That's not really true. It was my own sad attempt at false flagging, also known as sarcasm. My apologies. No death threats, please.

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