Monday, August 27, 2012

Public Service

How do we learn? By making mistakes. If we were all open to new experiences, such as being wrong. Last week, central Florida resident Mike Maisonneuve told local police that a gun with bullets and a knife were stolen from his unlocked car in his driveway. When he returned home from making his report, he he found a plastic bag next to the front door with words scribbled on both sides. On one side of the bag was the equation, "LOADED GUN unlocked car = STUPID!!" Turning the bag over, he read this reminder: "LOTS of children in area."
Inside the bag, he found his gun and knife. He did not find any bullets. "My mind's been other places the last week or so. I thought I locked my car. Apparently I didn't," he said. "I learned a lesson, a valid lesson" Maisonneuve told the local television station. "I should not carry a loaded firearm in my car."
Good enough, Mike. Now let's try a few more while we're at it:
Don't sleep in the subway.
Don't shave with a Ginsu knife.
Don't stick anything smaller than your elbow up your nose.
Meanwhile, the police are still looking for the person or persons who took Mike's bullets. Let's hope it's to congratulate, not arrest them.

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