Monday, December 12, 2011

Cannon Fodder

Adam and Jamie always make a point, if a tad sarcastically, to implore their viewers not to try anything they see on their show at home. Ever. These two gentlemen, along with their trusted minions Tory, Kari, and Grant have been uncovering the truth behind the myths that prevail across our modern world. They seek the truth while others simply accept the reality that is handed to them via Al Gore's Internet. And they tend to blow things up.
This makes great television, since just about every episode concludes with an explosion that makes viewers shudder, and the hosts giggle with teen aged glee. You see, I remember this mentality. If one firecracker merely pops the canopy off a model plane, how many will it take to split the fuselage wide open? If a squirt of lighter fluid gets the flame going, how about a steady stream? Remember kids, I tried all of this at home. Not when my parents were at home, of course, but that's the point: The Mythbusters want to be both the teenagers and the parents in this equation.
When they launched a cannonball through a suburban Bay Area neighborhood last week, it was an accident that had been waiting to happen for nearly ten years. Taunting sharks, dropping things from airplanes, and always looking for the bigger boom has never led to a catastrophe before. These are trained professionals, as we are assured with each airing. Now, because of the misfire where property was damaged and happily no casualties were incurred, there will be no more cannon fire on the Alameda County bomb range. Insurance will pay for the damages, and Adam and Jamie have assured us all that the footage and the experiment will be scrapped.
Until it shows up on Youtube where the rest of the teenagers are showing off how they can blow up a can of Silly String.


Louise Hart, Ed. D. said...

Darn, they're scrapping the footage? I TOTALLY wanted to see that episode! And to see them show us around all those cannonball holes!!!!

Krs10 said...

oops, Louise was still signed in - that was me of course!