Friday, June 03, 2011

Nice Ink

Jim Tressel quit his job on Monday. Things must be pretty tough around his office if he picked the next to last day of the month, a holiday no less, to give his resignation. It must be doubly bad considering the unemployment rate around the country, especially in the Midwest. The now ex-coach of the Ohio State Buckeye football team must not have been too shy about the publicity, since he picked a day in sports just after the Indianapolis 500 and just before the NBA finals were scheduled to begin. I guess he figured things couldn't get much worse.
He of the dapper sweater vest/tie combination has decided that it's best to get out of the way, rather than being swallowed up by the ugly storm that is about to drop on his football program. Well, it's not actually his, anymore, is it? If he had acted in his own best interest once upon a time, he might not have lied about his part in Tattoogate. His players received cash and discounted tattoos from a local establishment, and he knew about it. Then he lied about knowing about it. Then the e-mails that described what he knew surfaced and he went on vacation. When he came back, he typed up his resignation.
It could have been the very same keyboard on which he once authored his book, "The Winner's Manual: For The Game Of Life." With chapters entitled Faith, Responsibility, Discipline, and Excellence, it should give him some excellent opportunities to reflect, especially the chapter about Handling Adversity and Success.
The proud image of Ohio State football is now sullied by this tawdry scandal. Of course this is the same program that gave us the legendary Woody Hayes. And maybe Jim will use this time to go shopping for some different color sweater vests, kind of like Pete Carroll did when he got out from under the USC axe just before it fell and landed a job in the NFL. Or at least get that Brutus Buckeye tattoo removed.

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