Wednesday, June 08, 2011

He's Too Sexy For His Job

If there is a bright spot for New York's Representative Anthony Weiner, it could be that his first name is not Richard. Other than that, things look awfully bleak for this guy. I confess that it's been difficult to choose words that wouldn't be simply adding to the fourteen-year-old boy's field day that this entire escapade has generated. Conspiracy theories will no doubt center on the fact that pictures of some virile stud's barely concealed genitals who just happens to have the surname that was already a burden was just too easy. To quote former CIA director George Tenet, this would be a "slam dunk."
Now the clock ticks on Mister Weiner's career. It doesn't matter if he is a Democrat or Republican. It doesn't even matter that much that he got caught, quite literally, with his pants down. It matters that he lied about it. Was it embarrassing? Sure it was. Of course it was. But the instant that he bent the truth, he bought himself a ticket on the express train out of D.C. Did he apologize profusely for treating women shabbily over the course of the past several years? Sure he did. He even apologized to his wife, who was noticeably absent from the news conference. Missing from his mea culpa was an apology for lying, or the words, "I resign."
Admittedly, this guy had an uphill battle for most of his life, given that name. His impassioned rants from the floor of the House had to be all the more inspired just to get people to take him seriously. Benefits for first responders to Ground Zero? Support for Israel? We'll get to that in a moment Representative Weiner, but first let's talk about sexting. Get in line behind the Governator, Chris Lee and John Edwards. The bus is waiting. Get on it or get under it. You decide.

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Anonymous said...

Once he's drummed out of Congress, maybe he can become a correspondent for Spitzer's TV show?