Friday, December 18, 2009

Mister First Nighter

There wasn't a lot of question about whether or not I was going to go see James Cameron's "Avatar." With all the attendant hoopla, a "movie-guy" like myself would feel embarrassed and completely out of the pop-culture loop if this one passed me by. I'm the kind of guy who sits outside of movie theaters hours before the first midnight show of the newest summer blockbuster.
Or I used to be. I did that for "The Phantom Menace." That was the last one. Ten years ago. Since my son has turned blockbuster age, we have made several early attempts at opening night. Alas, I can't imagine keeping my son's interest while camping out on the sidewalk in front of our local superfiplex theaters. This is a child who lives and thrives in a world of on-demand video. He doesn't have to wait around for his favorite show. He just dials it up from a list and it plays at his convenience. I could tell him to bring a book, but I don't think he'd be into the whole romance of the experience.
And so I know that there will be some valiant attempt to getting out opening weekend, if only to have that ridiculous nerdy rush of seeing our hard-earned dollars in the box office totals on Sunday night. We like to think that when a movie goes to number one, it was with our help.
Or not. Being a grownup is a lot of details and responsibility. Sometimes getting out to a premiere takes a back seat to sleepovers or laundry. Or maybe we'll stay at home and watch a movie. On demand.

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Anonymous said...

*I'm* first in line, and if you don't like it, you can put it where the monkey puts the nuts.

-Angel Dust, the Ramones' #1 fan