Monday, August 10, 2009

What's Your Sign?

I'm not a huge fan of Astrology. Maybe it's because I'm "on the cusp," born between two signs, feelin' like a fool. I'm never sure which I should read: Cancer or Gemini, so I usually don't read either. It's much easier that way, since we have yet to create words to describe just how skeptical I am of such things. Here's an example: "Your challenges are causing some frustration in the lives of your loved ones today." It's about three words longer and just about as meaningful as a fortune cookie. Just a click away, another trusted Internet astrologist told me "Don't waste precious energy trying to hide. Deal with any embarrassment you might be feeling about being the center of attention and graciously accept all positive vibrations that now come your way." This one is much more comprehensive, but don't know if it captures any more of my daily essence than the first.
Does this "science" that lumps Mother Theresa and Macaulay Culkin in the same cosmic vat of coincidence really make any sense at all? Well, friends and neighbors, I can only tell you this: Two of my closest friends were born on precisely the same day forty-five years ago today. Perhaps this speaks to the compatibility of Gemini/Cancer cusps and those proud Leo natives. Since we all know "Leos are friendly, warm-hearted and extroverted, with a talent for leadership, a tendency toward self-indulgence and a high level of generosity." Who wouldn't want to be pals with them? Maybe I would and maybe I wouldn't, depending on which way the arrow points on my side. So much to consider!
I can imagine Jean-Paul Sartre hanging out with Antonio Banderas in a very astrologically compatible way. Actually, when I attempt to calculate the chances of my having two people who are this close to me born on the same day, I always come up with the same answer: One hundred percent.


Anonymous said...

Today is a good day to ask for a raise.

You know, if I had a job, today would be a good day to ask for a raise!

-Robert Klein

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cosmic coincidence - how many out-of-work RK's are reading this blog?
- RK (Phoenix division)