Monday, February 23, 2009

Drive Me To Drink

Did you know that there are still several states that won't sell alcohol on Sundays? Georgia, Connecticut, Texas, Alabama and Minnesota continue the long-standing tradition of upholding the "blue laws" of some bygone era. These little reminders of prohibition have been in existence for so many years, most people see them as a kind of tradition, rather than moral code.
This was certainly the case for me when I was growing up. The sale of alcohol was prohibited statewide in Colorado on Sundays until July of 2008. That is why I have a very fond memory of driving north, with my older brother, to the badlands of Wyoming to purchase fireworks. Once across the border, we realized that we had arrived on a Sunday, and that our neighbors to the north had the same laissez faire attitude about liquor that they had about pop bottle rockets. Seeing this as an obvious invitation, we stopped by the nearest liquor store and bought a couple of beers because, we reasoned, it was our right.
Welcome to 2009 when all of this well-intentioned legislation may soon disappear. As the recession continues to drag on, the suggestion has been made that an extra day of sales would include an extra day's tax revenue. When blue laws were first introduced back in colonial times, they prohibited shopping of any kind on Sundays. Car sales remain prohibited in Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Utah. I suppose if you've ever wanted to get drunk on a Sunday and tried to buy a car, you would have to rethink your plans. Or better yet, head on up to Spradley Motors in Cheyenne, where I'm sure you can discuss your financing over a nice, cold beer.

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Mrs. Id said...

Well, I guess that's good news for Boulder... now they can get a Trader Joe's!