Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Merry Wish List

I know this comes a little late, but just in case you happened to draw one of these folks in your office Secret Santa pool, maybe some of these suggestions will help make their Christmas just a little brighter:
When it comes to Blue Christmases, it's hard to imagine one more indigo than the one that will be occurring at the McCain home this year. That is, once they decide in which home they intend to spend it. When that's settled, I hope someone has the kindness in their heart to pay for the services of a really good computer tutor and hook John up to Facebook. This will give him a chance to connect with the twenty-first century and get him a few more "friends." We can always use a few more friends.
Along the same lines, my wish for Sarah Palin this year is a DVD copy of "The Best Of Tina Fey." Remember all those silly things Tina said about the "pro-America" parts of our country and how she can see Russia from where she lives and how she was going to charge right in there as vice president and make policy changes right along with Congress. That stuff still cracks me up. Those were Tina's, weren't they?
John Edwards needs a copy of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus." Bill Richardson needs a week off to grow his goatee back. Hilary Clinton just needs a hug. For Soon-To-Be-Private-Citizen Pinhead, a chance to return to his glory days with the Texas Rangers baseball franchise. Not necessarily at the top, however.
And for President-Anointed-One Barack Obama, the box set of the complete series of "The West Wing," or the time to watch it. He can't have it both ways. Or can he?

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Anonymous said...

I think Barack Obama wants a puppy!

And fer chrissakes, he wants the world to stop nagging him for, like, I don't know, FIVE SECONDS!!!!!