Thursday, November 16, 2023

Race To The Bottom

 Republican Senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott, has dropped out of the contest to determine who will win the consolation prize. The crowded field that once held as many as twenty potential candidates has been whittled down to a number that will allow half a dozen or so that will climb on stage and attempt to appear presidential while never coming right out and saying that what they really want is to be second banana to a former game show host currently facing ninety-one charges under four separate indictments. 

But let's get back to Senator Tim. He suspended his campaign for second place over the past weekend. He has quite a lot of financial backing, but there must have been something that kept him from connecting to Republican voters. 

Some have speculated that his bachelor status was holding him back. At fifty-eight years old, why is this guy still unmarried? The insinuations being made by some was that Mister Scott was gay. Because we all understand that this would be a terrible thing for any candidate to profess, but it plays a whole lot easier in red states than saying that he is black. 

Because Senator Tim Scott is that: Black. 

With little or nothing to do about his ethnicity, Senator Tim trotted out his girlfriend at the end of last week's third Republican Presidential debate. There were those in the media who gleefully pounced on the appearance, wondering why there had been no previous evidence of this "very nice Christian girl" who Axios has revealed goes by the name of Mindy Noce. The pair have reportedly been dating "about a year." 

This was Tim Scott's last best chance to be considered relevant in the primary races coming up. By dragging this poor woman on stage with him for a photo op, political strategists hoped that this might make the anti-bachelor prejudice disappear. 

Or whatever reason Republicans needed not to vote for the guy who happens to be a black bachelor. 

I suppose the upside here is that Mike Pence, who is most defiantly married and ridiculously white dropped out before Tim Scott. What happens to the "winner" of all this chicanery? Like most game show contestants, they can hope for some lovely parting gifts and a home version of the game. 

Good luck to those left standing. 

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