Friday, November 10, 2023


 If the government were to shut down, hypothetically, when would it start?

November 18. 

In the days leading up to this potential disaster, what was the House of Representatives busy doing? Well, a number of them were meeting in a special committee. Probably to discuss the potential fiscal impact that such a shut down would cause. Or maybe they were trying to iron out our nation's aid packages to Israel and Ukraine. Or possibly they were gathering to argue about gas stoves and ceiling fans. 

I'm here to tell you that it was that last one. House Republicans are incensed by the new proposed rule by the Biden administration regarding ceiling fans. The GOP already has their collective knickers in a twist about energy efficiency standards, highlighted by the suggestion that gas stoves should be phased out. The new rule seeks to make ceiling fans more efficient, therefore saving consumers money over time. Representatives with an R in front of their names argue that this would cost homeowners and businesses millions of dollars to convert their old clunky fans. 

So they set themselves a date to complain about it. 

Mind you, this is not a hearing about climate change, but rather an opportunity to play to the common man and woman who are threatened with change. The change of their household appliances. The household appliances that many Americans who have jobs with the Federal Government that might not be able to afford the gas or electricity to run them if the government shuts down. 


It's November 10. 




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