Saturday, June 04, 2022

For The Want Of A Nail

There's this investigation going on into what really happened in Uvalde, Texas. Lots of questions are being asked about how nineteen children and two adults were murdered at an elementary school. How could this have happened? We need answers. We need to know so that it never happens again.

And for some, we need to know so that we have someone to blame. To that end, there were two different places where criticism has poured. The response time by law enforcement has been a source of great concern. How could it be that a loon with a gun was allowed to shoot up a fourth grade classroom over the course of an hour while armed officers waited to storm the building. Parents were stopped from going inside to rescue their children. While children were being slaughtered. Some of these children were calling from their classrooms, pleading for help. 

At this moment, it should be pointed out that five hundred fifty students were safe and will only carry emotional scars with them as they continue life as a survivor of a mass shooting. This will be true of every resident of the town of Uvalde. 

Like the teacher who opened the door through which the shooter entered the school. Why was that door propped open in the first place? Most likely it was because it was a hot day in Texas and all those kids cooped up in a building on the last week of school needed some fresh air. This was without a thought about what evil might be waiting just outside that door. As it turns out, that teacher went back to the door and closed it. Before the maniac arrived. The tragedy came when that door did not lock. Suddenly it becomes an issue for Buildings and Grounds. Why wasn't that door listed for repair? Should we be pointing fingers at the folks who are in charge of latches?

Blame the cops. Blame the teacher. Blame the latch. There are plenty more ways for this to be stretched and bent. In Uvalde, they won't be feeling anything but grief. Not for a very long time. Out here in the world, we won't feel anything but grief for a long time. Until the next time. More questions than answers. More sorrow than reason. 

No question about that. 

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