Friday, June 17, 2022


 "Apparently inebriated." 

Those were the words that Representative Liz Cheney used to describe Rudy Giuliani on election night 2020. So, what's wrong with having a little drinky-winky on the biggest night of your professional life? Nothing, I suppose, as long as you don't make a World Trade Center size fool of yourself in addition to the apparent inebriation. For example: In the midst of a hotly contested count of ballots from all corners of this great land of ours, it was the apparently inebriated one who advised the then once impeached "president" to just go ahead and declare victory. Other senior advisors in the room that night encouraged the former game show host not to make any statement on the race until more votes were counted. It could be argued that it was the apparently inebriated advice that caused the once impeached "president" to become a twice impeached "president." 

Interestingly, it was the apparently inebriated one's choice to declare to anyone who would listen that he wasn't apparently inebriated. Well, it wasn't actually the former mayor who did the denying. It was his attorney, Robert Costello, who did that. "Mayor Giuliani denies the allegation. Talk to other people that were there that night and they will corroborate the Mayor," he said in an email. "You might be interested to know that the Select Committee staff counsel never inquired about this subject. I wonder why?" Costello added: "They never asked whether he had a single drink. No discussion whatsoever."

A couple things here: The House Committee is investigating the events of January 6. They are not specifically interested in the former mayor's drinking problem. If he has one. And speaking of "having one," it should also be noted that Rudy Giuliani needs a lawyer because he has been barred from practicing law in the state of New York because of his continued insistence on the Big Lie. The Big Lie that he helped set in motion on Election Night 2020. Drunk? Stupid? Evil? Corrupt? If I were the counsel for the apparently inebriated one, I think I would go with drunk. 

This might go a long way in explaining other less-than-flattering behavior by the disbarred former federal prosecutor. Like passing gas during a hearing on election fraud in Michigan. Or the hair dye incident during a press conference. And most certainly an apparently inebriated individual might have made the mistake of booking a spot in front of a landscaping business instead of a posh hotel for the purposes of taking yet another run at propping up the Big Lie. 

Was Rudy Giuliani drunk on election night, 2020? It would be a good excuse. 

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