Friday, May 24, 2019

Sing As If No One Was Listening

It seems somewhat unlikely that of the leventy-seven kerjillion candidates currently running for president on the Democrat's side that there would be a dearth of campaign songs, but let it be known here and now that Dee Snider is fine with you using one of his compositions as your theme. “There's a simple litmus test here: Are you pro-choice?” says Snider. “And by pro-choice, I mean all choices. I mean, pro-people's rights to choose, particularly a woman's right to choose. I feel very strongly. And that is the litmus test. I hate the whole concept of pro-choice versus … well, I call it ‘no choice.’ It's not like you choose for yourself, and that means you can have children, or you don't have children. They're like, ‘No, we're deciding for you what is right for you.’ Anybody who is pro-choice, and has at least that position, knock yourself out — Republican, Democrat. And there are Republicans out there who are [pro-choice]. They call them ‘Northeastern Republicans’ as a rule, and they tend to be fiscally conservative/socially liberal. I love those guys. So yeah, if you're pro-choice, yeah, go for it.”
Go for it indeed. Thirty-five years after the song was released "We're Not Gonna Take It" is the choice of those who choose. This anti-authority anthem may seem a little off the shelf for some, but considering Dee's past association with his game show host buddy, one might assume that he was all in for the current "President." Not anymore
Anyone who has previously made the association between the Trump Administration and the actions of one Douglas C. Niedermeyer will take heart in this news. Blasting that kind of overzealous spittle-spraying personality through a window with one massive power chord feels completely right about now. For those of us living in an America that feels pretty great without attempts to remake it in some draconian image of Napoleon's France would be happy to sing along: 
We'll fight the powers that be just
Don't pick our destiny 'cause
You don't know us, you don't belong

Which makes pretty good sense, when one compares those lyrics to the Trump campaign's use of the Rolling Stones classic, "You Can't Always Get What You Want." As for Mister Snider, well it seems that he learned a few lessons from his ex-pal, since previous associations with his song may have caused others to forget it and leave it on a heap with the rest of those fist-pumpers from the eighties. Or you could keep playing it at your rallies for a whole new generation. Dee-licious. Dee-lightful. Dee-cisive. And so on. 

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