Friday, May 03, 2019

Monday Motivations

You: why is my balance so low
Bank account: make coffee at home
Bank account: eat the food that's already in the fridge
Bank account: you don't need a cab, it's only three blocks
You: I guess we'll never know
Bank account: seriously?
This was the clever little tweet released on the twitterverse last Monday by the friendly folks at Chase. You remember them, right? Chase of the twenty-five billion dollar bailout. Chase of the CEO getting paid nearly thirty million dollars a year. 
I'm guessing that JP Morgan Chase & Company's James Dimon doesn't check the fridge before calling up Grubhub. I expect that he probably has someone making coffee for him just about where and whenever he wants it. As for the ride-sharing thing, I would imagine it's been a while since James has driven in his neighborhood's casual carpool, and walking? Well, let's try an avoid the image of trampling the proletariat under his feet. 
Maybe for a moment the folks at JP Morgan Chase & Company imagined themselves as the good old Building and Loan in Bedford Falls. Like George Bailey frantically reassuring his customers during a panic. We'll get through this if we all hang together. 
Except JP Morgan Chase etc. aren't really the George Baileys of the world, are they? Mister Potter? That seems a more appropriate comparison. Mister Potter grew rich off the backs of others. He wheeled about his empire rather than walking anywhere. And while he was dining on pheasant under glass, the Baileys were celebrating their honeymoon in a great wreck of a house with a fire in the hearth and leaks in the roof. 

And we all remember who the richest man in Bedford Falls was, don't we? At least that's the way we would like it to be. 

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